Friday, May 27, 2011

Social Networking

A few weeks ago I get a message on Facebook. A guy from Japan just moved to the US and saw my blog while searching Google. He messages me on Facebook to see if we can fish sometime. I was more than glad to fish and meet new friends who share the same passion as I do. Finally we meet at the park and he catches his first bass in the US. Later he thanks me via message, "Thanks man!! I could catch my FIRST BASS in here because of your help!!"
Well I only took him fishing, he caught the fish because he had the correct presentation and lure. He caught his all on his own... no need to thank me. Good Job Akihiro (Aki)!

First Topwater Fish of the Year.

Had a few hours to kill couple of days ago, I know the topwater bite is coming along. This fish bit as I was talking to my girlfriend. Probably was a blessing since it allowed the fish to take it longer.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage HC-68MRG "VCM-CAST68"
Reel: Shimano Curado 200 E5
Lure: Jackall SK Pop Grande (JDM Color)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Few from this week

Here's a couple from last outing using the P.D. Chopper + Ammonite Shad combo. As you can see, the first fish destroyed the lure. I put what was left back onto the jig and few minutes later, land a larger fish.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage HC-610MR "Master Stroke"
Reel: Shimano Scorpion XT1000
Lure: Zappu P.D. Chopper 3/16oz + Jackall Ammonite Shad 4.5 inch

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A couple of fish from last week

Last week I drop shotted for the first time in over a year... I let my friend who was at the park reel in the 2nd fish. Share the passion!

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