Friday, May 24, 2013

Another on the Topwater Plug

Went fishing again today with the new Jackall Pompadour, and it sure is a winner! I caught one within 20 minutes. A decent 3.5 lb fish

Went back later in the day and again hooked on a fish, but this was a huge fish! This fish slammed the plug 3 ft. from me. As I was about to lip the fish, there were just too many trebles in the mouth. It ran once more, and then my line went slack. I saw my lure floating, and the bass casually swimming away. The fish was in the 8-9 lb range, easily would have been my personal best largemouth bass. As I lost the fish, the bait and waiter cat fishermen began laughing. Perhaps jealous that I actually use technique to catch fish rather than throwing bait and sitting down waiting for a bite.

I left the lake immediately with a crushed ego, but with the confidence that this lure can catch huge fish at highly pressured lakes. The Jackall Pompadour is hands down the best topwater bait I have ever used, and it's proof is in its ability to catch these fish at the city ponds, especially one known to be one of the toughest local ponds here in Southern California.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jackall Japan's new topwater plug; the POMPADOUR

Today, Japan sent me two samples of their new Topwater plug and I was just too eager to try it out. My first impression of it when I saw the video was that it just makes too much noise, because there's a distinct noise it makes when it is retrieved.

I was too busy at the office so during my lunch break, my plan was to toss it for 15 minutes, then order pizza for the temp workers I hired. Well all it took was 10 minutes and about 20 casts when a huge fish just smacked it! Broke in my new reel from Japan, the Shimano Metanium which casts beautifully and has a very smooth drag as well. Went back to the office immediately and ordered pizza wishing for 5:00 to come soon so I could go back.

I did go back and had another fish hit it but missed the hook. I am now a believer of this amazing lure produced by Tsutomo Kawashima.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage "Master Stroke
Reed: Shimano Metanium
Lure: Jackall Pompadour

6.1 lbs

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