Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fishing With Jackall Staff Day 2

Toshiro Ono left for Japan but Chikara and Taiki stayed for a few more days. I was able to go pond hopping with Chikara and Taiki last Saturday. I met them at the Jackall USA office and got both of them a few gifts from Bass Brigade.

We started off at Legg Lake at around 12:00. The rain made the day cold and the fishing slow. Chikara was able to land a small one. My friend Hideto decided to join us and once he arrived, we hopped into my car and went off to Puddingstone.

We fished the East Shore for no bites. We decided to move to the dam area but Taiki was far away so we drove to pick him up. Funny thing is that when we drove to the other side, Taiki walked far away to the opposite side!

We arrived at the Sail Boat launch area and we managed a few small fish. I caught a tiny bass off Jackall MC60, while Taiki caught one off Jackall Waver Shrimp.

Chikara rockin' his new Bass Brigade shirt

After a long day of fishing, I took them to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. We all enjoyed a few potato skins, hot wings, and deep dish pizza. It was their first time having potato skins, and a deep dish pizza. Of course we ended it with BJ's famous Pizookie for dessert.

It was a great day filled with fishing, and just an amazing day for me as I rarely fish now due to me working full-time. Chikara and Taiki leave for Japan this week, but will come back for business once again in November. It was a pleasure to fish with a few employees of Jackall Japan. I hope to fish with them again!

Taiki and I

Chikara and I

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fishing With Jackall Staff Members

The other day, I got a message from Ty Ono asking to fish since he was visiting California once again. Well what do you think I did? I took him and his staff fishing... URBAN FISHING.

Here's Chikara schooling me at what I do best.

And here's Jackall's very own Toshiro Ono showcasing why he's one of the elite anglers in Japan, but doing it in Southern California.

It was a pleasure to finally fish with the CEO of my favorite fishing lure company. I hope we can continue this again.

So I apologize for the lack of updates, but at least this one was a great post!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Features Coming Soon...

Again, I apologize for the lack of updates but it looks as though I have free time to start fishing once again. This year I plan on bringing on new features to the blog; most importantly, a feature called "Urban Angler Spotlight".

The purpose of "Urban Angler Spotlight" will be to promote urban angling around the globe. This feature will include selected anglers (probably once a month) who will be featured on the main page of my blog, along with a quick bio, interview, and photos of their catches.

For those interested in being in the "Urban Angler Spotlight", shoot me an email at:
Subject: "Urban Angler Spotlight"

Please provide your name, location, and a quick bio along with a few photos of you fishing, and//or your catch. I'm sorry if I can't include everyone who emails me, but remember there is the fan photo section also.

Can't wait to see some submissions!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year; New Gear

Check out the nice stuff coming out from my friends at Warbaits, and Pitch n' Strike!

Very excited to try these out once I get a chance.

Go renew your fishing license and remember to always catch and release!

Also since it's the new year, get some exercise in! I biked 40 miles to begin the new year. You know, when you fish all day, you're not getting a workout.
"Stay Fit To Get Bit!"

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