Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hata Takuma Secrets Revealed! Plus Nakazy's Hyper Muscle Deep

Great article written by BassFan's John Storm who recently spent a week in Japan. It is on Japans Jackall Pro, and JB Top 50 Angler Takuma Hata, known as the "Rig-Meister" for coming up with many different rigs. Takuma Hata is one of those behind the secrets of the "Inchi-Wacky" or as we know it here, "The Flick Shake"

Read it here!

While I'm on the subject of Japanese Fishing Secrets, BassFan's John Storm also fished with Jackall Pro guide Shigenori Nakajima, known as "Nakazy", during his stay in Japan. Nakazy revealed a technique to him called the "Hyper Muscle Deep", basically using a Texas rig bullet weight while fishing the Jackall Muscle Deep Crank Bait. You can read the article by clicking here, "Hyper Muscle Deep" Here is a video of Nakazy fishing the technique.

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