Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One hour to kill...

Went to the local pond to kill some time. My goal was to get a fish on a spinnerbait, and with the weather looking the way it was, it looked like a perfect time to accomplish that goal. The sky was somewhat cloudy due to the small amount of rain we had the night before. It was actually supposed to rain today with thunderstorms but other than the clouds, there was no signs of rain to come.

I started with a new Jackall crankbait I bought, the Jackall D Cherry 48. I immediately changed the lure as it was running a bit to the left. Went with the spinnerbait and within 10 minutes, a fish was hooked. Nothing large, but it was fun catching it on a bait I rarely throw.

After that fish I tied on the Cherry and tuned it to run true. Set the rod down and grabbed my Texas rigged Dum Dum Hog for a few casts. About 4-5 casts with the lure, there was the tick; I set the hook and bring in a fish slightly larger than the first. Great way to kill that hour...

Also I would like to say good luck to Chris Jackson of Fins n Grins Fishing Adventures. He is currently fishing a tournament in Tennessee. Go check out his blog for some very good information and his approach to fishing. Fins-N-Grins

Tackle List:
Jackall Poison Heritage "Hyper Approach"
Jackall Poison Heritage "Master Stroke"

Shimano Core 100Mg
Shimano Chronarch 50Mg

Jackall Super Eruption
Jackall Dum Dum Hog

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