Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tweaking Plastics...

Tweaked a plastic craw and this is the result of three casts

When fishing pressured ponds, bass become accustomed to the lures thrown by everyday people. To gain an advantage; spice up your plastic! There is no need to buy the newest products. Tweak your old lure by perhaps making it slimmer, or removing excess appendages. Add a rattle, or make air pockets in it. All these will improve your old lure and make it a "new" lure. My tweaked plastic is still a secret, I'll show it in a few weeks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just got back from the pond fishing with the buddies. I was able to land this on the P.D. Chopper + Ammonite Shad Combo. I must say, when they hit this combination, they hit it HARD. Try it out!
Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage HC-610MR "Master Stroke"
Reel: Shimano Scorpion XT1000
Lure: Zappu P.D. Chopper Jr 3/16 + Jackall Ammonite Shad 4.5

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