Friday, April 9, 2010

BassFans "Conversations with a Genius", Seiji Kato

After posting the other articles by Jon Storm, I completely forgot to put up the one with Seiji Kato, the man behind the T.D. Minnow, Sammy, Pointer, Aragon, and my favorite jerkbait, the Jackall Squad Minnow, just to name a few.

Read Part 1 here "A Day With Master Lure Designer Seiji Kato"

and part 2 here "A Sitdown With Legendary Lure Designer Seiji Kato"

Seiji Kato was the winner of the "Battle on the Border" Co angler side in Lake Amistad, TX. His secret technique at the tournament? Inchi-wacky! Unknown outside of the U.S. at the time.

You can go and visit Seiji Kato's site here: Seiji Lures

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