Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jackall Japan's new topwater plug; the POMPADOUR

Today, Japan sent me two samples of their new Topwater plug and I was just too eager to try it out. My first impression of it when I saw the video was that it just makes too much noise, because there's a distinct noise it makes when it is retrieved.

I was too busy at the office so during my lunch break, my plan was to toss it for 15 minutes, then order pizza for the temp workers I hired. Well all it took was 10 minutes and about 20 casts when a huge fish just smacked it! Broke in my new reel from Japan, the Shimano Metanium which casts beautifully and has a very smooth drag as well. Went back to the office immediately and ordered pizza wishing for 5:00 to come soon so I could go back.

I did go back and had another fish hit it but missed the hook. I am now a believer of this amazing lure produced by Tsutomo Kawashima.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage "Master Stroke
Reed: Shimano Metanium
Lure: Jackall Pompadour

6.1 lbs


  1. Good fishing, good weather. Nice to see a new entry.

  2. Thanks Dean, and sorry for the lack of new posts. Don't have the time I used to have to fish.

  3. Nice catch. He blind in one eye?
    Love the lure design, cicada style

  4. How can I get the Pompadour?

  5. Wow those are some great catches. Good job!


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