Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jackall's Knockin' Jaw

Jackall's new vibration lure from Japan is their Knockin Jaw. This lure is a metal vibration lure that differs than your standard rattle trap. The lure is called "Knockin' Jaw" due to its large jaw shape that allows it to bounce off rocks and stumps much better and the two hook design lessens it becoming snagged on such obstacles.

This is a silent vibration lure that has three options of retrieve. If you clip the lure (clip comes attached) on the front most hole, closest to the jaw, it is meant for a Fast Retrieve style. Clipping it on the middle hole gives it a more standard retrieve, fast or slow, lifting and letting it fall. The last hole, towards the back is meant for slow retrieving, good for shallow water and enticing finicky bass to bite.

Just got it in, and I want to try it at the city ponds but the rain has been pouring down for nearly a week. I can't wait!

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