Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few things I want to acquire

The big fishing show in Japan is happening right now, and this is when they introduce many rods/reels/lures and so on to the world (well, Japan). It is then that I start wishing that some of those products make it to the USA. Last year Shimano Japan released the Aldebaran, a reel lighter than the Steez, a few months later, after rumors and much talk, Shimano USA released their version of it; the Core 50Mg, which I immediately purchased.

Jackall Bros. however, as like many other Japanese brands do not send out many of the products to the USA. A rod that caught my interest that I mentioned in a previous post is Jackalls "Bait Finesse" from their Poison Heritage lineup. A 6'7" rod rated for 3/32-1/4oz, perfect for the light fishing I love to do. Now if only I understood Japanese, here's Ty Ono, CEO of Jackall Bros, explaining the new rod at the 2010 Osaka Fishing Show in Japan. I'll be sure to get this rod once it's released in Japan. My wallet won't be happy.

Here's a few items that caught my eye:
Shimano ScorpionXT1000 (Aluminum version of the Aldebaran)
Shimano Scorpion Baitcast Rod
Shimano Final Dimension Rod
Various Jackall Hard Lures and Plastics

Be sure to visit the Jackall Youtube site by clicking the picture below

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