Sunday, February 7, 2010


Close to three months without a bass! Caught two today. The fisrt bass of 2010!

First one was off of Jackall Dum Dum Hog 4" Texas rigged. Casted out and let it sink, suddenly got heavy, set the hook and it pulled hard like a big 5+ lb fish. Turns out to be close to 3 lbs. One of the hardest pulling 3 lb fish I ever caught.

The 2nd fish came off the Jackall Super J Reaper rigged on a Zappu Mustang Head 1/16th oz. Twitching the lure and it gets heavy again, set the hook for another fish around 3 lbs.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage "Hyper Approach" HC-68MH
Reel: Shimano Core 100Mg
Lure: Jackall Dum Dum Hog 4" Ebi Miso Red Flake

Rod: Shimano Cumara CUC68MH
Reel: Shimano Core 50Mg
Lure: Jackall Super J Reaper 4" Lake Wakasagi

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