Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This lake has seen too much pressure. Please practice catch and release.

Decided to change up a bit and downsize baits. I went from throwing the 5 inch Sasuteki Craws, to throwing a 4 inch Dum Dum Hog. Increased weight size to go through the grass and moss better, and tried a darker color. Those changes sure made a difference. Just only my 5th or so cast with the hog, there was a tap, and with a swing of my rod, a fish.

Ten minutes after that, while throwing a smaller Ammonite shad, weightless to swim subsurface, I see a decent 3 1/2 lb bass come out of the grass and slam my lure. I swing and miss! Still haven't got that Ammonite Shad fish. Fished a bit more for nothing.

Tackle List:
Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage "Hyper Approach" HC-68MH
Reel: Shimano Chronarch 50Mg
Lure: Jackall Dum Dum Hog 4"

Catch and Release!

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