Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I finally have a surgery date!

*UPDATE: Surgery date rescheduled to Monday, March 7th! Time to get rid of my tumor...
It's strange that one day you can feel completely healthy, then the next day you can't even get out of bed without nearly falling down and getting extremely light headed at the slightest turn of the head. I guess in a way I'm glad this happened because the doctor said if it gets any bigger it can hit my optic nerve and cause some blindness. It already rearranged my carotid arteries according to what the doctors said.

I would like to thank all of you for the kind words; my family, friends, and even all the bass fishing people I know through blogs, twitter, and Facebook.

Thank You!

Ariel Biley


  1. Ariel....this is something else we both have in common with one another. I too had brain surgery about 15 years ago for a non-malignant meningioma that was growing on top of my brain. I wish you the best my friend and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. wow, glad to hear you are doing well. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I should be fine and will continue fishing!

  3. Hey that's my Birthday! You will be in my prayers Ariel.

  4. I came through here via BP's blog post about your surgery. I'm glad to hear the doctors found the problem and have a solution for you, scary as it is.

    You've got a great blog here. I'll definitely be back.

    Best wishes from all your fellow bass anglers. We look forward to your return.

  5. @MNAngler, thanks for the words. I'm having my surgery done at UCLA Medical Center. They say the surgery is routine for them. I'm thankful it isn't cancerous, just something that causes headaches. I'm glad I went for an MRI because they said the risks of having it could be blindness if is gets larger. Thanks once again.

  6. Ariel, Sam mentioned you had a surgery coming up, I'll definitely keep you in my prayers, everything will go fine. Stay strong buddy! Tight lines!

    -btw, this is iWalton

  7. Ariel,
    I had a look at your website and found you got a small pituitary gland mass. I hope your recovery is OK. Take care, buddy!

  8. Thanks Piero! Let me know how you like those new Glorious rods once they come in! I don't know which one to buy haha so you'll have to help me with that. Maybe summer time I'll order one. TT Forum went down, so I lost all our msgs. Keep in touch my friend!

  9. Ariel, this is funtopunch from the T.T. forums.

    I give you my best wishes man. Sounds to me as though you should readily recover.

    Sir, you should work for Jackall. You've managed to spur an obsession on my behalf for their import rod offerings.

    As pertains to the Poison Glorious rods, I've pre-ordered several, and I'm always available for model references after I've had enough hands-on for confident assessment.

    Also, I know you're a Shimano fan, and my tastes are concurrent, but given your affliction for light-line soft-plastic offerings presented on casting gear, I strongly recommend that you try a Daiwa PX68 some time.

    Good luck!

  10. I will, Ariel!!!
    Take care. Ciao


  11. Thanks "funtopunch"! For sure let me know how you like the rods, I'll only be able to afford one and am thinking on either the "Rushburn" or "Biwako Versatile X".

    I was thinking about the PX68 also before but just had bad experiences with Daiwa reels. If I find one at the right price, I still would try it.

    Speaking of Jackall, the Jackall USA location is 15 minutes from my house, in fact I had an interview to work there but Curt hasn't called back, he said he might wait till I graduate with my MGMT degree, so hopefully I hear from him soon. I think I would be a great addition to the company especially since I know a great deal on the products.

  12. Ariel, I just read this! You are a brave dude and the doctors will be under God's control so have faith and you be all good! Best of luck to you. Prayers and thoughts to you! Keep us posted bro!



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