Monday, March 28, 2011

Personal Best!

New "Official" Personal Best! Weighed in at 7lbs 7oz. Looked nearly 8lbs to me but I go by the scale

Such an amazing fight to this fish! Fan casted an area and finally found the spot!

Just Look at that Belly!

This fish gave me such a big headache as I am still recovering from the brain surgery.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage HC-68MH "Hyper Approach"
Reel: Shimano Core 50Mg
Lure: Jackall Sasuteki Craw + Zappu P.D. Chopper Jr. 3/16

Thank you random stranger for taking a picture of me with my fish! So here's a picture of you with my fish!

As a rule, you must ALWAYS practice catch and release on all bass; not because this lake requires you to, but because it's also the right thing to do!


  1. Really nice Bass Bailey, I can see why it brought on a headache, particularly since having recent surgery. Be careful with you're on going recovery and listen to your Doc's.

  2. Thanks guys, this is my official personal best. Next time I'll be sure to bring the scale all the time~! BTW David, I'm near 100%. I even started jogging to get energy back. I feel good! Thanks for the kind words


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