Saturday, April 9, 2011

Noritz Fundraiser Event

Noritz Corporation held a fundraiser to help support the recent disaster in Japan. For a donation of $10, you got a Dogzilla Hotdog (Japanese Inspired Hotdog), an Ice Cream Bar from Longboards Ice Cream, and a soft drink. It was a decent turnout despite the cold and windy weather.

Unfortunately, my friends from Japan who now live in California weren't able to attend the event. Dogzilla Hot Dogs then drove to serve the Orange County area and Corrina, Hideto, and Takafumi still wanted to try the hot dogs, so we braved the cold winds at night to go eat!
At first they only bought one hot dog, but it was so good they went back in line and bought another!

Takafumi enjoyed the hot dogs and even ordered some Garlic Fries! We will go and find the food truck again this Wednesday! So delicious! おいしい!!!

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