Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jackall Boil Trigger

Jackall's new finesse jointed top water lure. The lure is perfect for bass that are attacking the baitfish. What makes this lure unique is the way it was designed. When dead sticked, the lure lays on its side, imitating a dying baitfish. The two piece design increases the wounded action of the lure. Depending on how hard you pop it, it can either create a nice boil or subtle ripples in the water. At only 77mm, this lure is meant to be thrown with light line, preferably spinning tackle.

Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage HS-"66UL-IW
Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000
Lure: Jackall Boil Trigger


  1. yes congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!big bass!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Ariel, I’d tried to post this awhile back, but it looks ass though it didn’t go thru or something…
    A myself and a few close fishing friends are followers of your blog, and being our novice state as pertains to bass fishing, your insights have really helped us to up our game. I was wondering if you could answer some questions that we had all conjured up over the last couple of months? Now only would it help us out, but would probably serve your general audience as well.

    First off, we’ve tried your unique twist on a Texas-rig, utilizing a hand-tied skirt affixed to an Owner TwistLock. However, a few questions surfaced…
    1. When rigging in this manner, it seems that the presentation tends to “flip over” so to speak. By this I mean that the rig tends to ride in a manner with the skirt postured atop the craw, with the soft-plastic and therefore hook tine towards the ground. I believe it is due to the skirt creating so much lift. Have you noticed this? If not, what might we be doing incorrectly?
    2. Do you use TwistLock standards or TwistLock Lights?
    3. What size do you use for the 5” Sasuteki? What about the 4”? I thought that I had read that you liked the 3/0, but somehow that just seems small.

    4. What weight range of Choppers do you like to use for your swim-jigging? Is the 3/16 oz variance heavy enough to promote enough speed w/ a 5” Amonite Shad?

    5. Have you used the USDM version of the Swimming Ninja, in the trout pattern? I’d purchased several of these baits when they had first hit the market, but they did not perform to the standards I’d come to hope for after watching various product videos. They are too rigid to promote a swimming action, even at painfully slow retrieve rates. I know that they are intended to showcase a subtle action, but all of mine were completely dead in the water, even after trying insert weights. This also seems to be the sentiment of many folks I’ve talked with. Was the first generation of these baits inferior to the import varieties in plastic composition? Have you experienced this?

    Thanks, Ariel, if you have the time we'd really appreciate it.

  3. Please email me and I will get back to you ASAP. It's hard to communicate through this blog with others. I can answer all these questions in detail through email better. Thanks for being a fan of my blog!


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