Friday, November 13, 2009

All day fishing

Taka wanted to fish all day, so our plan was to go first to Puddingstone, and then try out a new lake later on. We ended up fishing three different lakes today. We arrived at Puddingstone at around 8:30 am. Most action was at Puddingstone where the fish were chasing shad for over 2 hours, sadly only one fish was caught. I actually lost one also while reeling my lure up to cast again; a bass decided to take it a foot away from shore and needless to say, I missed it.

At the 2nd lake which was new to both of us, Taka ended up catching his first bass in 2 weeks! Also topped it off with a bluegill, his first ever from CA.

We arrived at the 3rd lake at sunset and fished probably only 30 minutes before it got too dark, so we called it a night and plan on returning there soon.

Total Fish Count: 6

2 Shad lol
1 Bass
1 Bluegill

1 Shad lol
1 Bass

My Gear for today:
Jackall Poison Heritage Hyper Approach HC-68MH w/ Shimano Core 100Mg
Shimano Cumara CUC68M w/ Shimano Core 50Mg
Jackall Poison Heritage VCM-CAST 68 w/ Shimano Curado 200 E5

Finally witnessed a fish stocking in progress...

Shad Killer!

Biggest Bass of the day:

Taka's first bass in 2 weeks:


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