Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back Fishing!

Oh does it feel good to fish again. Jury Duty is over, and I now have time to spend on the little pond I call home. Today was a 2 fish day, and at this lake, thats an AWESOME day. A change of color on my flick shake did the trick. The first two hours I was throwing a junebug flick shake neko style for no bites, finally changed colors, took a rest on the bench since I worked at 5 a.m. Immediately after that, within 3 casts, there goes that all too familiar feeling. THUMP* I was hesitant to set the hook, but when I reeled in the slack and saw my line moving, I knew it was a fish!

This 2nd fish was just staring at the wall. Tossed the lure and shook it in front of her, she gulped it up and swam off, gave me a decent fight

Tackle List:
Rod: Jackall Poison Heritage "Master Stroke" HC-610MR
Reel: Shimano Core 100Mg
Lure: Jackall Flick Shake 5.8 "Neko Rig" Nail Weight


  1. Not too shabby on the two fish day. I must say you catch some quality bass. Great work.


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