Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ICAST 2010

It's that time of year again where all the tackle junkies start saving up for the new gear that is to be released. As always, I'm excited to see what will be out this year, especially from a few of my favorite vendors such as Shimano, and Jackall.

Jackall however, I need no wait as to what will come out. Everything here is already out in Japan, and with the internet it's always easy purchasing items overseas. What I heard was released from Jackall USA however was the Jackall I Shad soft plastic, designed to be for the "i-motion" retrieve style popular in Japan. Also, one of my favorite lures from Jackall will be readily available (hopefully) in the USA. That lure is the Ammonite Shad. Another lure that was showcased from what I know is the Jackall Swimming Ninja Bluegill G90, known in Japan as the Veyron. Jackall Japan offers the Veyron G110, so I'm assuming it's slightly larger than the US version, which is rare because Jackall Japan usually has everything.

Shimano is up next with the reel I've been waiting for since hearing it in Japan. Shimano Scorpion XT1000 is now in US soil, labeled the Shimano Curado 50! For $199, it's a great deal considering it's $50 less than its Japanese counterpart, plus you get the Shimano Warranty!

ICAST will last till Friday I believe, you can follow all information on various sites such as TackleWarehouse and TackleTour to name a few.

You can see the rest of the Shimano Lineup here:
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As well as read up on TackleTour's write up on Shimano:

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