Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Trick To Save Some Plastics

One of my favorite finesse techniques that I love to use is the "Inch Wacky" Technique. The "Inch Wacky" technique, popularized in Japan, consist of a finesse style worm, and a small jig head which is rigged in the center of the worm creating an erratic action bass can't stand.

There are many jig heads in the market made specifically for this technique, but my personal favorite is the Zappu "Inchi Wacky" head. This head is specifically designed for correct action on the worm. Inchi Wacky technique isn't simply hooking the worm directly in the middle and throwing it out. To correctly rig the lure, you insert the hook directly in the middle of the worm and exit it at a 90 degree angle from the insertion point. The shape of Zappus hook ensures that the rig is properly held in place.

notice the shape of the Zappu hook on the left compared to the Jackall hook on the right. Both hooks are 1/16oz. The big difference is the line tie and the hook. The line time of the Zappu head is at a 45degree angle which helps moves the jighead AROUND the worm. This aids in keeping the worm in place while the jig head goes around the worm in the water. The shape of the hook also helps with the way the point goes upwards instead of rounded. That point is where the worm should be.

On to the trick:
Many people who wacky rig worms knows the problems involved with it, which is losing the worm on almost every fish. Depending on what worms you use, it can get VERY pricey. Many have discovered the O-ring technique to save worms, but the problem with that is sometimes you cannot get the proper hookset or action since the hook is parallel with the worm. Depending on the size of your worm, it can also slide out. Some people double the O-ring and place the hook where the rings cross to have the hook perpendicular, and although that works, I personally don't like that black ring on my worm, especially when I use white plastics, the fish may not care, but it just doesn't look natural. I discovered a way to eliminate the O-ring; have the worm hooked correctly, and not lose the worm.

Items needed:
1. Your favorite finesse plastic, I prefer the Jackall Flick Shake 4.8 or 5.8
2. Wacky Jig Head, any will do, but the best is Zappu "Inchi Wacky" Head
3. and last, my secret, hitchhikers! Used to attach trailers.

Step 1: Screw in a hitchhiker into the middle of your Jackall Flick Shake
Step 2: clip off the excess material with a nail clipper or pliers
Step 3: Rig your worm just how you would normally by inserting the hook INSIDE of the coil and coming out from the side of it (might be hard depending on the size of the hook)

The benefits of doing this is that the hitchhiker acts as a support so the plastic does not get ripped off from the worm, which saves you your plastic and your hard earned cash! You saw it here first!


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