Friday, July 16, 2010

More Jackall Products from ICAST 2010

Curt Arakawa just introduced two new lures to hit the market for Jackall USA, which brings a total of 4 new lures (that I know of) to the US. Aside from the Swimming Ninja G90, and the Ammonite Shad, Jackall USA also brought in the Jackall Bling 55, and the Jackall Soul Shad.

Bling 55 - The Jackall Bling is a flat side crank bait that's meant to run shallow and also has a high pitch sound to it. The lure is one of Ken Iyobe's creations, a Jackall Pro from Japan who also fishes the BASS Central and FLW in America. The lip of the crankbait is made of circuit board material. Another feature of the lure is the two different sizes of the hook. The rear hook is slightly larger than the middle hook, which allows better hooksets due to short bites. The lure is 55mm in length and weighs in at 9.3 grams. As of now, I do not know how many colors it comes in for the US variations, but in Japan it comes in 8 different colors. I assume the colors though would follow what we have here anyways. Here is a stock photo from Jackall Japan website, I have a few of these lures too so I'll be adding close up pictures later on.

Soul Shad - Next up is the US release of Jackall's "Soul Shad". Interesting enough, this lure just recently came out in Japan and is already a top seller there. Usually Jackall USA waits a while for the lures to hit US soil, but there was little wait for this lure. This is one lure I'm definitely excited to buy as I cannot find any online from Japanese sellers to ship to the US. As you can see, Curt explains the chamber inside that allows this 58mm lure to be casted at long distances. The slim body focuses on a fast retrieve and also a dead stick jerking action. The slender body also enables the fish to easily inhale the lure, and to hook the fish securely. Again, the color variations from the US and Japan vary, so most likely the colors that will be introduced here will match the current Jackall colors already out. Japan has 12 different colors.

You can watch the Soul Shad in action and see just how effective these baits are in this video of Jackall Pros, Takuma Hata and Hiroako Mizuno in a friendly competition. Watch as Takuma Hata catches fish after fish with the Soul Shad. Parts 2 and 3 should be on the site also.

I wonder if I can get a job at Jackall USA, it's a few miles from my area and as you can tell, I'm a huge Jackall fan. Curt Arakawa, if you see this I'm available to work! I was the one who gave you a few Ammonite Shads at Bass-a-Thon before it was released to the US.


  1. I really like the flat side style crankbaits and will have to see if I can't order a few of these Jackall Bling online somewhere.

    Shoot these guys a link of your great product write up on your blog. At the very least they may send you some free product to test. Good stuff!

  2. You can get some of the Japanese colors of the Blings already at it's where I ordered mine. Thanks for reading!


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