Saturday, August 15, 2009

Been a while but I'm still catching!

Today I hit up one of my favorite local spots that usually produce many bites and small bass. Started with a Black and Blue Chatterbait 3/8oz, and within minutes (probably 5th cast or so) a bass nails it hard! My Phenix X-10 Crankbait stick guided the bass out from the weeds and I lip it after a good fight for my first ever chatterbait fish! Looks like I'll be buying more colors!

There was some sort of picnic and kids started to surround me while I was fishing and didn't leave room for me to cast or so. I started pitching a sexy shad roboworm for another fish (no picture). By now, more kids gathered and started annoying me about why I release fish. "You should keep it, I would!" and my personal favorite, "Why do you fish if you don't keep em?"

My third fish was the biggest of the day; a solid 2 3/4 lb fish, also caught with a sexy shad roboworm. This fish fought great and it took a while for me to guide it to an area I can lip it without having it lay on the grass. Asked one of the kids to take a picture of it, guess they were useful afterall.

My 4th fish today was also on the same robo and was under 2 lbs, but I hooked it nearly 2 seconds after my worm touched water and since it was far out there, it was a great little battle. All this was in an hour, and even though the bite was off the hook, I decided to leave when the adults started looking at me catching. I didn't want them to return and perhaps keep the fish.

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