Sunday, July 26, 2009

Follow your Instincts

Yesterday I had to make a decision as to what lake to fish. I first planned on going to the city park, but then decided to go to the bigger lakes. I haven't fished the city park in a while so I decided to go with my first choice.

Met up with the regulars there, cast, clean up some grass caught in my rig. On of my buddies misses a fish on the Ika and tells me to cast where he misses, he tells me further, reel it back in and cast exactly where he told me to. within 10 seconds, solid hit! I tell him it feels nice but not too big, and say thanks for the fish! It then shows it's muscles as it strips line on my Shimano Core, and jumps into the air! SOLID FISH that looks at least 6 lbs! I get it near shore and it pulls hard to the right, bring it back close, then it pulls hard again! This time it burys itself into the weeds. I had to wait it out since I love finesse fishing and I only have 8 lb line. After three attempts at getting into the weeds I finally tire it and bring it close to shore, but at that time it already wrapped me in a pound of weeds, I'm reeling in dead weight with the grass and a lunker bass on the end of the line. Lip it and it's not quite 6 but definitely 5 lbs! Get the scale and sure enough, exactly 5 lbs! Biggest fish for me at that lake, and it only took 3 casts!

Fish was caught using a 6" Roboworm Sexy Shad Color, drop shotting. My rod was a Shimano Cumara CUC68M, reel was the Shimano Core 100mg, with 8# Seaguar INVIZX Fluorocarbon. I love the Seaguar line!

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