Friday, July 3, 2009

My new blog...

So I decided to start a blog about my daily happenings, which is mainly Bass Fishing! So lets get started shall we.

This week has been a good one for fishing; I did not fish as much as I liked, but the days I did, I got some solid fishes! I fished the local waters (city parks) and everyone knows how tough these types of lakes can be. Knowing the conditions to the lake is the key to catching fish. There are many things to look out for; water color, water clarity, weather, and the list goes on.

"Lake A" had stained water, but still somewhat visible. My lure choice for this was the 6" Roboworm in the Morning Dawn color. This color I believe would stand out enough, and drop shotting it would make it very visible to the bass lurking in the water without snagging grass in the bottom. Sure enough, it produced this city park beauty:

The very next day, I went to "Lake B" which is a special lake in where it does not use reclaimed water, which is why the water is crystal clear. Color choices at this lake would be natural shad colors. My three choices were the Morning Dawn, Sexy Shad, and Baby Bluegill, all of which produced bites, but the Sexy Shad produced this Sexy Bass!

So remember, choose your colors wisely, and please Capture & Release!

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