Friday, July 10, 2009

Not Catching with a Dropshot?

Try Wacky rigging a worm. Instead of having your worm at a fixed length like in a dropshot rig, vary it by using the wacky rig. With the correct weight and worm, you can control the rate at which it sinks and catch finicky bass shaking your worm right in front of their nose. Wacky rigging places your worm in the strike zone longer making sure those bass will inhale it.

There are many hooks and worms made specifically for this technique, but my personal favorite is the 1/16 oz Odz Chotto Shank Hook, rigged with a Jackall Flick Shake Worm in any size. I find that the 1/16 oz rigged with the 5.8 Flick Shake falls at a perfect rate rigged on 8# Fluorocarbon. See for yourself! I got four fish in one hour! All of different sizes, big or small, the bass love it!

For more information on the wacky rig, go here:
Wacky Rigging Soft Plastics

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