Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Been a while...

But I'm still piercing those bass' lips! The last trips I've dedicated to wacky rigging finesse worms and it sure has been killer (see older post). Before my family vacation to Yosemite, I had a chance to fish with Taka once more before he left to Japan for the summer, that day I got four fish all on the wacky rig. I came back from the vacation urging to fish! but Saturday was my dogs big event! the Wiener Nationals in which he placed 3rd!

I've fished 2 days since I came back and landed seven fish in those trips. The majority of the fish were not picture worthy, but it shows that the wacky rig is perfect! Today was my 2nd day out on the water and it resulted in two fish, one of those was my first rattle trap fish and the only fish that I did not catch using the wacky rig technique.

Day 1: Morning Session (3 hr period)
4 fish, only one of size (2 1/4 lbs)

Day 1: Evening Session Different Location (40 minute period)
1 fish, 2 lbs

Day 2: Morning Session (2 hr Period)
2 fish

Thank You www.fishaddix.com for the courtesy Shirt!

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